Paul Nutteing Story
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Paul Nutteing Story

This is the story of a double paternity dispute with a very dangerous social worker in Salisbury,Wiltshire,England Original Story . Leading to mallicious prosecution of myself Court Case Evidence . Public exposure of now two dangerous social workers in Salisbury and the aftermath of the inevitably failed criminal prosecution Follow-up . The best-fit explanation so far of this extraordinary behaviour Folie à deux and MPD. For general information purposes Setting up internet mirror sites

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Table of Contents
Original Story
Court Case Evidence
Folie a deux and MPD
Setting up internet mirror sites

This first file is copied from Nigel Cook my cousin's site for continuity with some of the emailed feedback.

This is an introduction to a file i agreed to put on my site. The story was experienced and written up by a cousin of mine Paul Nutteing. I got involved with his dispute because he thought as i had internet access that i might be able to do some medical research. Paul has a double paternity dispute. He is trying to get the whole sorry tale published and in the meantime i have put his file on my site. I don't know his reasons for publishing ,perhaps a mixture of catharsis,leverage,exorcism and revenge. It is an unbelievable story ,i've never come across anything like it. If it was the script for some soap-opera story-line it would be laughed off stage as just too implausible. It is probably suited to the internet as it would appear to be one hell of a conspiracy. If he manages to get the thing published conventionally I will probably remove it from my site. If anyone could put in any input concerning the psychology / psychiatric elements we would be interested in hearing from.
Any comments i can relay back to Paul if anyone cares to e-mail me on (if this address fails then replace the part of the address with . If there is anyone outside the UK willing to put Paul's file (65K) on a ISP outside of the UK (even just as a latent file) could they e-mail me. I have seen all his documentary evidence and have no reason to disbelieve him when he says he has received nothing in the way of counter evidence from the woman involved. If anyone reads the following file and recognises the people involved and can send me any counter evidence i can review having his file on my site. Be warned it is a very sorry tale of the human condition and sensitive souls should not click on this file.

Some feedback

Paul Nutteing's story adds a very unusual and interesting twist to the site. That's some story! Vaguely reminds me of a former wife. Paul has my empathy. One suggestion, ask Paul to put a summary of the story first.
It will hook more readers into reading the tomb. K.M.

I live in Wilts and offer to bang a few heads together. P.G.

Sounds a typical socal worker to little old jaundiced me. J.D

Stunned,gobsmacked!! Ive never read anything like it. HollyWood would have a fieldday with a story like that. No second thoughts too f***ing solid for them. S.T.

I read your cousin's account of his trials and tribulations. Quite the mesmerizing piece! I'd say it actually sounds all the TOO plausible..! Regarding blame: a lot of what people believe boils down to who gets to them first, eh? J.J.

Am I on the same planet as all these ...P.D.

We are 2 teenagres in Bristol. Both our parents are blood doners and we know our father cant be our father. How do we get our birth certfcates.

A letter from an eminent QC about another matter in Wiltshire

...couldn't help being distracted by Paul's saga (especially as a keen student of society and the human mind); I can only offer him luck as justice is so rarely served....TR,London

...lecturer in - at - .I am enquiring as to permission to use the transcript of record of interview by Salisbury Police on 9/9/2000 as an example of -.I would like to verify the following *

Read Paul's story, your comments. I am researching injustices for a forthcoming publication, and intend to attend Salisbury Mags on the 26th Feb 10am ,2001- please advise if it get adjourned. D.T.

From Naomi in London 30 Jan 2001 I am very sorry to see you have been helping Mr. Paul Nutteing to publish his story on the internet. The reason I am sorry is that you have been completely fooled by this man. Mr. Nutteing has haunted my life for nearly 3 years and has caused myself and my family no end of heartache. The reason no one has replied to his letters is because on receipt we tear them up. The reason I know this is because I am his daughter (only biologically)!. I curse the very day I ever picked up the phone to contact him, I can not believe I am related to such a destructive person. Once upon a time I felt sorry for him but now I really think he needs help not encouragement. He remembers my mum as she was 20 years ago, however my mum is the most wonderful women, wife and mother who had a wild time in the 70's- what's wrong with that? In my mind my mum has done nothing wrong and everything that Paul has said is a twisted version of the truth. We are a very normal, loving, strong family and you can tell Paul from me all his interfering has just made us stronger! I hope you realize that Mr. Nutteing is being taken to court by ourselves, Salisbury Social Services and other people that he has pestered over the years.
Please who ever you are talk some sense into him.

In reply to Leafe, I can only repeat what I say above that come up with counter evidence ,not hearsay, and I will review having Paul's file on my site.
I have seen 4 affidavits from independent people not family or friends that show that your mother and Paul were living together between June 1977 and June 1978 when she was 4 months pregnant with your brother. These people ,including even the one in Surrey,were very wary about making these affidavits being concerned that this "most wonderful woman" would smash their windows also. There is dated photographic evidence and your mother's name with Paul's in an archived voter's list all pukka evidence. I have not seen any evidence admissable in court that your brother and the man who raised you are related.
Your biological father could not live with such an overtly promiscuous woman. At least you know who your father was. In the last year two more men have come out of the woodwork to join the growing list of men your mother was having such a "wild time " with. Malliciously prosecuting someone just to disguise this promiscuous behaviour is not the purpose of law. Luckily English law takes more notice of independent testimony and hard evidence than uncorroborated hearsay. However many people keep repeating the same nonsense hearsay emanating from such a tainted source does not make it evidence.
Paul has done nothing wrong let alone illegal. His actions have been no different to what junk mailers do perfectly legally to millions of people daily.
His inoffensive and informative letters were accepted happily by everyone. Any "mental anguish" that you lot have played up is purely a result of that corrupt and dangerous mother of yours trying to maintain a fiction over the origins of your brother. I've been told to say- As soon as a real Batman, fighting corruption, comes along you side with the Cat Woman.

Dear Paul,
I sympathise with you and with everything you have had to endure. I find myself in a similar predicament. More often than not, the Police and legal system only worsen the problem. I have been arrested and have received a Solicitors letter warning, for Harassement. Only because I am trying to have contact with my 2 year daughter. My ex. is preventing access and forcing me to go through a Solicitor, without good cause. (A spiteful act only) Her 18 yr old son to another man apparently pulls her strings. Your description of Stella is uncanny and very similar to my ex.
Best Wishes, -,England

From the flying vet
I woould be greatful if my site is linked with yours asap as there is a serious deterioration in the standards within court. and people should be warned!!!!!
happy new year mjk

from Many thanks for your email and for the tip over pdf files! I suggest - in your circumstances - you take a look at the following site;

I was looking at and saw your message regarding a story of strange goings-on in Salisbury. What's it all about? I'm a trainee journalist who's on the look-out for stories around Salisbury. Could you help?

U R a f**king nutcase ...JC Tattersall

Remind me not to go agin ye..........GC

I feel privileged to have to have read your true crime story. Cant help but wonder what the final chapter will be ,V ,Montreal
interesting.... and nice to see the net used in this way.... see the "husband" families of portland have parallels to your case... keep up the good work.............B

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The following refers to the medical research that Mr Cook did
This relates to a condition that certainly affected one member of the family and maybe a few others so not known whether genetic. Its a shame this medical knowledge was not known to our family decades ago as it would have ameliorated some family problems but at least future generations are now aware. Details of this research which does have some stuff of general interest on how a layman can do medical research using the internet and published medical technical journals is on Dyschondrosteosis